Several possibilities exist for your magical parties! According to your desires and to the number of guests, you can mix the following propositions.

- Close-up :
Casual, Small Group, Intimate Gathering (Close-up) is a kind of magic which allows for very close interaction with the spectators. Typically I go from group to group during cocktail parties or from one table to another during meals (table hopping). Very easy to organize, this is a sort of magic which allows me to interact directly with people and which I particularly enjoy practicing.

- Show with birds (Doves) :
In this type of show, you will witness six doves appearing, one after the other, to the pleasure and delight of everyone. Scarves, confetti and several fire effects make this magical event very popular, especially around Christmas time.

- Romantic show :
This show is about a love date. The magician is getting ready for a dinner with a young lady. While he is waiting for her, he is doing the last preparations in a “magical” way, of course.

- Interactive Show :
This is a real success, especially with children who can participate. I show magic tricks which are very visual, and all this with lots of humor and interaction, as well!