I was introduced to magic at the age of 14 by Master Magician Pierre Adams. At that time, I was learning about the concept of “perspective” in my math class. It was then that Pierre taught me how illusion – the art of creating seemingly inexplicable outcomes – was an extension of that perspective that I had been learning about in school.

Sometime after, I discovered theatre. This was a new “magical” place where I learned comedy, the art of creating characters, and the ability to mix the ideas of writers and directors with my own real-life experience. Those two passions of illusion and theatre are combined today in my life as an artist.

I continue to work with Pierre Adams, who specializes in performing with pyrotechnics and doves. I also play with theatrical and musical companies, as I feel it is important to constantly improve my artistic abilities.

My work also allows me to perform for private individuals, at wedding receptions, christenings, and birthdays, whether in France or abroad.